Supply Ordering Made Simple

Make food and supply ordering more efficient and cost-effective for your organization with Tavezio’s proprietary platform Vue and full-service procurement solutions.

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Focus On What Matters Most

Food and supply ordering shouldn’t prevent you from delivering exceptional experiences and taking care of your people. With Tavezio by your side, it won’t.

Save Time & Money

Tavezio’s Vue platform lets members order food and supplies while comparing prices from multiple vendors—all in one place.

Understand Your Organization’s Spending

Dive deep into your purchasing history across multiple categories and vendors while overseeing the entire ordering process for a thorough product and cost analysis.

Streamline Invoicing

We'll reconcile your invoices for you—especially during busy seasons—so you can spend time on more meaningful tasks.

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Simplifying Supply Ordering Since 1997

For over three decades, Tavezio has optimized product purchasing with comprehensive procurement solutions. Here’s how.

Proprietary Technology

Streamline ordering, compare vendor pricing, filter products, and get comprehensive purchasing reports with Tavezio’s innovative Vue platform.

Strategic Advisement

Receive expert advice from our team on what, where, and when to restock so you can get the best deal. Plus, we’ll keep you updated on any supply chain issues ahead.

Industry Expertise

We’ve been in the supply ordering industry for over thirty years. As a dedicated partner, you gain access to our team’s insights whenever you need them.

Customer Service

Our mission is to make supply ordering easy for you. We do this by offering expert advice that helps you make the best possible purchasing decisions on all products from A to Z.

Tavezio vs. GPO: What’s the Difference?



Cost Savings
Supplier Price Negotiation
Streamlined Procurement Process
Supplier Consolidation
Menu Planning
Budget Analysis
Specialty Ordering
Order Approval Workflow
Up-to-Date Industry News & Trends
Training & Development

“From their Vue platform to the customer service, it’s become a no-brainer for us in all aspects. We enjoy working with them, and we have never looked back.”

Josh G.
The Orchard Academy

"Tavezio compares invoices and they catch mistakes that I would miss. Now, Tavezio organizes them all. It cuts down on all of my hours and is a huge lifesaver."

Ronen G.
Camp Lokanda

“Tavezio is simple and easy to use. They will work with you nonstop and everything you need is in one place. You don’t have to go manage eight vendors all at one time.”

Sam B.
Woodmont Day Camp

“Working with Tavezio is like having an agent; we do everything through them.”

Will H.
Maryville Addiction Treatment Center

“Tavezio has saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars. The way they conduct service is great. They have so many offerings, and they are always available to help.”

Jared K.
JCC Camps at Medford

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See how our procurement solutions can make life easier by helping you save on everything from A to Z.

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