We’re More Than a Group Purchasing Organization

Unlike traditional GPOs, Tavezio offers a seamless, end-to-end, technology based, highly personalized procurement and food purchasing experience that’s fast, easy, and efficient.

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How We Do It

Here’s what you get when you choose Tavezio as your full-service procurement partner.

Purchasing Assistance

With Tavezio, you don’t have to talk to vendors; we do it for you, so you can focus on other tasks in your day. Plus, our Vue platform lists the best prices from multiple vendors so you can make the best purchasing decision possible and receive supplies when you need them.

Budget Analysis

Easily create a realistic and effective budget for your organization. Our platform puts your purchasing history in a clear format so you can see spending patterns, areas for future cost savings, and upcoming expenses in just a few clicks.

Order Approval Workflow

We understand the importance of controls when running your organization. That’s why our platform allows managers to oversee the entire ordering process so no purchase is left unapproved.

Invoice Verification

With what’s on your plate, invoicing shouldn’t be a one-person job. Our Invoice Verification System can help by comparing invoices to vendor prices, offering custom remittance forms for each vendor, and fixing errors so you don’t have to.

Tavezio's Vue

Everything You Need to Order, All in One Place

With Tavezio's Vue, you can order food and supplies at discounted rates, compare product pricing at the piece and unit cost level, filter products by custom criteria, and manage invoicing and reporting without flipping between platforms.

Streamlined Ordering

Tavezio's Vue streamlines the ordering process by giving you access to:

  • Order approval workflows
  • Order guides
  • Invoicing
  • Savings calculators 
  • and more!

Price Comparison

Tavezio's Vue helps you compare prices between products with: 

  • The Tavezio Pricing Index (TPI) 
  • Live pricing up to the week
  • Price alerts
  • Suggested items (downsells)
  • and more!

Product Filtering

With Tavezio's Vue, you can filter products by:

  • Product attributes
  • Custom criteria
  • Preferred or disliked items
  • and more!

Reporting & Analytics

Tavezio's Vue makes reporting easy by granting access to our: 

  • Industry comparison reports
  • Spend analysis feature
  • Velocity reports
  • and more!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Membership fees with Tavezio are variable based on several factors including potential savings and total spend. Contact us to learn about our membership prices!

Tavezio’s Vue platform features thousands of popular vendor items that are bid on, vetted, and negotiated with our partners on an ongoing basis. Items are both name-brand and generic to offer our members ample choice. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we can assist with product recommendations and add any additional vendor items as needed. 

When you become a member, the entire Tavezio team becomes your communication partner, simplifying the ordering process and taking care of all your needs. Need a truck time? Reach out to us! If the vendor’s truck arrives with a missing or damaged item? Our customer service team can help remedy the situation.

When you become a Tavezio member, established payment terms set up between you and your vendors remain the same.

While GPOs and Tavezio share similarities in cost savings, negotiating prices, and streamlining procurement processes, Tavezio differs by offering a highly personalized experience that includes budget analysis, data analysis, supply-chain developments, and elite customer service. Also, our services are based on fees, not commissions, meaning we work to serve you, not vendors.

Tavezio simplifies food and supply ordering through our proprietary Vue platform. Tavezio's Vue allows you to streamline ordering with order guides, compare prices between vendors, filter products, and easily generate reports in one place.

Tavezio offers personalized customer service, up-to-date price comparisons, vendor management, and specialty ordering features that make all food and supply purchasing a breeze.

Tavezio serves camps, community centers, treatment facilities, and beyond. We can help with any organization that needs to purchase food or products in bulk.

Tavezio can help your organization procure anything from food, to kitchen equipment, to sports equipment, to arts and crafts supplies, to first aid. Anything you need to purchase to ensure your organization runs smoothly, Tavezio can help you save.

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